Tis the season to be Neon

It started off on the catwalk  like it always does – and next filtered through to the home in the way of scatter cushions a couple of years later. And now the events industry have grabbed hold of it making this year the NEON season.


For me it starts with a mood board to get the vision.

Neon mood board

It’s no secret that my favourite medium is acrylic, and Perspex make the most incredible neon range.

Who wouldn’t get excited about these badboys..

Neon swatches

Here’s a few of the TND neon creations of late …

P1010353P1170378Neon Canape trayNeon pink canapé tray neon Cone tray Orange neon tray


Don’t forget your neon sign…

Neon sign





Judging of the Caterer of the year Awards 2012

I was asked by the lovely Moving Venue to create an enchanted forest for the table centres for the judging of the caterer of the year awards for Event Magazine. I had lots of fun with this..

Moss and dry ice table centre

I used a tray and mounds of moss with real Shimeji mushrooms and rocket flowers. And for the finale…

Caterer of the Year table centre

Dry ice table centre

…Dry ice, to feel like the forest floor.

Have a look at the video for all the contenders and my bit 42 seconds in ;0)

St Paul’s Cathedral Event

I modelled these canape tray’s on the actual window’s of St Paul’s for a great event hosted by Createfood

Canape trays



St Paul's window's

Yes I thought they were coloured too !!

food station

We lit this Petit four and miniature dessert station from behind which made a great beacon drawing diners to the desserts!

Dinner at St Pauls


Just to tie in the whole theme the very talented wiseproductions added these gobo’s to the ceiling to complete my look.

Table centre's at ST paul's

Nelson's tomb Canapes P1040323

My Wedding

My husband always asks me why I don’t post our wedding on my blog seeing as I designed it. So here it is..Wedding tables

Strawberry tree's

My employers alison price made these for me for our big day . Only fair as I was always the one making them for other weddings.

wedding favours NISS297
Wedding at The Bingham flowers by Roseberg


Supper Club fun

My Husband and I run a Supper Club from our home and with our combined talents (he’s a Executive head Chef) we have some fun with the food and styling. Supper Clubs or sometime called underground restaurants have really taken off in the last 12 months with people still really wanting to eat out but have less income in the current climate to go for the fine dining expensive meals. Lots of supper clubs provide entertainment along side the food but I think you’ll agree this is the entertainment…and possibly deserves a place in my design blog!



Mini Coconuts filled with home made coconut ice cream, Pina Colada and home made coconut bars
Mini Coconuts filled with home made coconut ice cream, Pina Colada and home made coconut bars
Coconut dessert
Coconut dessert

The hub of the home

This table was created for me by one of my contacts. I go to them with all these weird and wonderful ideas and after a bit of head scratching they will create exactly what I have in my head..Genius.   This is a large table that seat 10 but as it’s clear Perspex it doesn’t overpower the room at all.